Animation Demoreel

Download DemoReel breakdown as a pdf

A few updates, until I will get a chance to update my demoreel again…

An Instructional animation I did for Moyo Productions using Blender.
I’m responsible for the complete characters and animation, rigs, and shading of the truck, particles and some rendering and compositing.
Client: Hanson Heidelberg cement group

A few flying dragon shots from the film Spreewaldkirimi РȚdliche Heimkehr that I\ve animated at Baby Giant hollyberg

A few shots from Gugi and Arnold – An animated series that I develop.
I’m respobsible for the complete production, from story to render.
Modelling, rigging, animation, render, comp and edit were all done with Blender.

And the first shots!

and a few pages from the storyboard just to get the taste of it…

Shot overview and a technical tutorial for blender. Where I explain how to “automatic layered breathing” to the character, and combining physics simulation with the rig for the character’s back

Multikey Addon

I`ve been digging into blender`s python and wrote some tools to improve my workflow. one of them, which i use now constantly,is the multikey addon, which allows me to modifiy multiply selected keyframes together. This behavior will also be implemented from the next version of blender (2.75) as part of the propagate tools. you can see a demo of it on one of the characters from “Mortal Coil” game (wip) and also a character from the TV serie “Maya and yaya”

Cut-Out Tutorial

How to create Object replacement property for replacing sprites in a cut-out animation technique using Blender

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