Gugi and arnold production blog

Hello and welcome to the production blog of “gugi and arnold”.
Gugi and Arnold is a cartoon shorts that I`m developing since a few years, but got stopped due to lack of time. The screenplay was written by me (Tal Hershkovich) and Dominik Baum.
I decided to collect all the current material, being created so far, so that it`s easier to follow what was done until now, for getting feedback, and also maybe getting people on-board.
I already got a lot of helpful feedbacks and ideas, and always happy to get more.


Arnold and Gugi, 2 different contrasting characters, live together in a flat.
While Archie constantly strives to and change the world with his anti-capitalism ideas, Gugi want only his quiet and peace and is convenient with his fixed 8-17 work

the 2 characters have some kind of the conservative husband-wife relationship
gugi is the working man that don’t give a fuck about anything, Arnold is the emotional person that likes to cook and clean.

In the microcosmos of the flat, the two get into fights constantly. Whether it’s a fight about food or sovereignty of the flat. And yet they always get to realize that even with all their differences, they would be screwed up without each other.

Influences: Cookie monster and Kermit, Ernie and Bert, Ren and Stimpy, Pinky and the brain – and every cartoon with contrasting couples.


Doesn ́t care about what he eats, likes Fastfood and Meat
Fastfood saves his valuable time of doing nothing
Works 8 to 5 in a Factory
Spends his spare time in front of the TV
Doesn’t care about the NewAge shit
Believes only in what he can see
Lazy and quiet
like to spend his money on gadgets.
Has ‘working hands’ – some technical knowledge to build and fix stuff for the house.

Philosophy and social science Student, reads a lot – life time student
Artist – painting abstracts so gugi can never really understands his paintings.
Doesn’t work, gets social money (also part of his ideology)
Tries all the Newage lifestyle
Buddhist and Rasta, punk and hippie, always searching (and changing) identity
Meditation and coffee, eats Tofu and raw food
Nervous and hyperactive, Mania depressive
sometimes smokes a joint to calm down
smart, manipulator, emotional


Arnold & Gugi are roommates. They live together in a small flat, where most of the story takes part. Although the two live together, they couldn’t be any more different.
While Gugi works regulary in a factory, and persues nothing in life except for a good TV program, Arnold is constantly in the search after the meaning of life. With it, he tries everything that the new-age has to offer.
Unfortunately he almost always fails with his attempts to bring peace and quiet to the flat, and instead he creates chaos and a strife.
Arnold is unemployed and get social welfare from the government (Hartz 4 in germany) furthermore he is an extreme critic of society. He participates in the occupy movement, and doesn’t let himself to get into fights about capitalism and the environment with gugi.
Gugi however sees Arnold as a naïve socialist parasite, and getting often pist by Arnold’s nonesense.
Kitchen focal point: here the 2 different eatings habits meet. What the fridge contains is often a trigger for a fight.
Livingroom focal point: while Gugi uses this space as his main place for his free time, watching television. Arnold disturbs his peace with his constant attempts to find himself. Whether if he is meditating on the coffee table or camping with a tent as an activist of the occupy movement and anonymous, Arnold always ensures to make a fuss.
Even that they can’t get a long with each other, they always find themselves back together.
Gugi gets his, Arnold realize again that his dogmatic dealing with the truth doesn’t lead him to the peace that he is searching for.

all the material of the script can be viewed on the collected_material_pdf

This was the first draft for the pilot`s videoboard. I got a lot of feedbacks and criticism regarding story and also direction,

so i decdied to go backwards, not just to the drawing board, but to the script itself. I decided to rewrite a script that would be the best for the pilot.

I`m currently using only open source tools for the project. Mainly blender, but also krita and Gimp for the textures.

Kolja Lubitz conncted arnold`s rig to the leapmotion hands controller using blender as part of Benjamin Walther-Franks NUI Addon .
I was really excited when I could control arnold with my hand, I thought it would be grate to caputre the hand movement with leapmotion and to use it as base sketch for the animation, to get the timing for animation and the feeling of the hand puppet. Unfortunately the capturing was still not precise enough and very jittery when i tested it, it might work better now since leapmotion released their last SDK, which seems to have much better results.
On another note I`m currently (February 2015) also doing some digital puppet work for a client with a different controller, it also seems to have similar issues to leapmotion when it comes to precision, but might be also something worth looking at.

Recently I started thinking of gamifying the shorts, to add some interactivity to it, the idea right now is to add a puzzle in the end of each chapter. so that show will show some conflict between the characters, and the player for example would need to select a character and solve it (which might also mean 2 different endings for each chapter)
this adds much more work to the project, but eventually games and interactivity works better when it comes to crowd funding