Animation Demoreel

My Animation Layers Addon for Blender, is available on the BlenderMarket

A series of commercials for Sano. I did the complete 3D and animation work using blender 2.8
Client: Sano, Yoram Productions

An Instructional animation I did for Moyo Productions using Blender.
I’m responsible for the complete characters and animation, rigs, and shading of the truck, particles and some rendering and compositing.
Client: Hanson Heidelberg cement group, Moyo Productions

A few more shots from Gugi and Arnold – An animated series that I develop.
I’m respobsible for the complete production, from story to render.
Modelling, rigging, animation, render, comp and edit were all done with Blender.

and a few pages from the storyboard just to get the taste of it…

Shot overview and a technical tutorial for blender. Where I explain how to “automatic layered breathing” to the character, and combining physics simulation with the rig for the character’s back

Multikey Addon

Cut-Out Tutorial

How to create Object replacement property for replacing sprites in a cut-out animation technique using Blender

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